Ultra Absorbent Nappies - Junior - Treasures - 16PK

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Disposable Diapers - Junior 16kg + - Treasures - 16 Nappies

Treasures are Tops for the Bottom!

In New Zealand, we call them Nappies but in many other countries they are known as Diapers. Whatever you know them as, you will want to know about Treasures. They’re a great, quality choice to keep your babies’ bottom happy.

Treasure Baby Disposable Diapers or Nappies are made in New Zealand to high standards. They are designed to draw away moisture and to be soft on baby’s delicate skin. A dry baby’s bottom helps to prevent irritation and nappy rash, which of course keeps Mummy and Baby happy!

The Ultra Absorbent Treasures Diapers also have Grip Tabs for easy fastening, soft Elastic Guards to protect against leaks and Stretch Tabs for a snug fit. The extra absorbent Multi-Layer draws wetness away quickly and the soft top and outer cover provides extra comfort.

These Junior Nappies are designed for boy and girl babies 16kg and over.

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