My North Island Adventure - The Fun Adventures of HappyKiwi

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My North Island Adventure - The Fun Adventures of HappyKiwi

Get Ready for a Book Adventure!

Take an adventure with HappyKiwi! Your little one will love traveling through the North Island of New Zealand with HappyKiwi.

After looking at his New Zealand Map, HappyKiwi decides to visit Wellington, then travel to Taupo by helicopter and take a jet boat ride. The adventure continues as he sees volcanic Rotorua, the big city of Auckland, and the forests of Northland.

All of the brightly colored illustrations show HappyKiwi taking part in real-life New Zealand adventures, like visiting the aquarium in Auckland, which you might have already experienced with your child. If you’re planning a trip around New Zealand, HappyKiwi is the perfect way to get your child excited about it. While this book is written for younger children, older kids will love matching the places in the book to the places on HappyKiwi’s New Zealand Map, improving their geographical knowledge.

Before you begin your adventure, don’t forget to check out the HappyKiwi Pull Along Toy, the HappyKiwi New Zealand Map, and HappyKiwi’s South Island Adventure.

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The Fun Adventures of HappyKiwi - My North Island Adventure was written by Janet Lefebvre and illustrated by Phil Baker. First published in 2008, ISBN 978-0-473-14179-0. 20 pages, full color.